Frogs in your pool?

Posted on 27 Sep 2018

Frogs typically do not like swimming pool water, however they don’t know they don’t like that beautiful lagoon in your backyard until they are already in.

To keep frogs out of your pool, you can try an create a barrier they do not want to cross. This can be done using a physical barrier, generally over 20cm high or a salt barrier. A salt barrier can be done by mixing salt and water (1 part salt to 9 parts water) and pouring it gently around the pool. When the water evaporated there will be a light amount of salt left, which is uncomfortable on their feet. Note: Please avoid this around your garden area, as it may damage your plants.

Around the garden you could try using a fertiliser that contains Ammonia Sulphate or removing greener that frogs may like to hide in around the pool.

In summary, pool water isn’t ideal for frogs as their skin is permeable and the chemicals in your pool may harm them. So if you are a lover of frogs, why not set up a small pond or some lush greenery for them in another area of your garden for them to ‘hop’ free.

Rain and your skimmer box

Posted on 16 Jul 2018

So it is raining, which is good for the farmers and topping up your pool. However, did you know if your pool is too full, it may stop your skimmer box from working?

It is recommended you have your water level between one-third and one-half up the skimmer box opening. If the level it higher is may slow or even stop debris being pulled into the skimmer box through the plate or valve (if you have a Kreepy Krauly), meaning floating debris will be left on your pool water surface.

Please ensure you check your water level regularly, even during winter, and drain or backwash to ensure your pool surface is bug and dirt free.

Note: If you have garden beds near your pool, run off of debris can affect your water quality and balance. If you need a local pool professional to help check your water, why not visit one of our friendly local stores, all you need to do is enter your postcode.

Did you know even during winter in Australia the UV index can still reach above 3? This means even during winter when the sun may look like it is hiding, you are still being exposed to UVA and UVB rays. These rays can cause sunburn, skin ageing and eye damages, as well as melanoma and other skin cancers.

By being sun smart even in winter, which is a slip, slop and slap, you will be saving your skin and eyes for the future. Buy the BEST anti-aging products on the market, a long sleeve top (cause you are old anyway), some SPF 50+ sunscreen and a hat.

Unlocking the best anti-aging secret

Posted on 16 Mar 2018

Did you know prevention is the best form of protection? And did you know that exposure to UV rays (UVA and UVB) causes sunburn, skin aging and eye damage, as well as melanoma and other skin cancers?

So the answer the best anti-aging secret is simple… Slip, Slop, Slap…

Slip on some sun-protective clothing – this doesn’t have to be your grandma’s dressing gown, but possible a long sleeve cotton shirt

Slop on some SPF 30+ sunscreen that filters approx. 97% of UVB rays

Slap on the latest fashion in sunhat

Rock into your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s like a spring chicken with skin that has been lovingly protected and save on expensive trips to beauty counter and/or doctors.

We have all bought online and worried if we are going to get the ‘real deal’ and wondered if we will get back up and support. At Kreepy Krauly we are proudly Australia Designed, Made and Owned and as a result we want to support your local pool shop and you the best way possible. We have done this buy pairing every transaction online with your closest local pool shop to ensure REAL expert advice is a walk, car ride or phone call away.

When buying online with us simply choose the right cleaner for you by either:

  • Selecting the cleaner directly; or
  • Using our pool cleaner selector, where in 4 simple steps we will get the right cleaner for your needs:

What should you expect next after clicking ‘Buy it Now’?

  • A pop up window will appear, select if you want local installation (if available in your area) or leave it unticked for free delivery
  • Then put in your postcode, selecting your suburb from the drop-down list for delivery/installation, by your local pool shop
  • You will get a few of your closest pool shops to choose from to be your local contact for service and support
  • The rest of the transaction is pretty straight forward from here

What happens if I don’t have a local pool shop for delivery/installation?

We live in a beautiful and large country, so sometimes the closest pool shop is more than a hop, skip and a jump away. However, don’t worry we will send you out your cleaner via tracked courier and still get you to choose your closest and most favourite pool shop to give you a call to say hello and that are there for you for hints, tips and support.

Rest assured by buying online with Kreepy Krauly.

So you have gotten a Kreepy Krauly, so lets officially welcome him/her into your family. This new member we promise will be the hardest worker, working 365 days a year in rain, hail and shine. You can splash, drop leaves and even forget to pay pocket money and it won’t stop the daily clean.

Once you have gotten use to almost forgetting about your pool, it might pay to consider a few things to keep your “Kreep” happier for longer:

  • Remove your cleaner if you intend to chemically “Shock” your pool in any way
  • In winter adjust your automatic chlorination settings down if you using a pool blanket
  • When cleaning your skimmer basket, check your automatic vacuum control valve moves freely to ensure too much vacuum isn’t going to your cleaner, causing premature wear

If you need any hints on shocking, chlorination settings or any other advice about your pool, feel free to contact one of our friendly dealers.

Continuous, Sectional or Generic? We are all sceptics and think a manufacturer will never recommend a generic hose over their one, but what you should be asking is ‘why?’.

So, let’s start with the easy one… “Should I buy generic?”.. The next time you are in the pool shop and you look at or are recommended a possibly cheaper generic hose for your Kreepy Krauly, ask to feel it. Yes, we said, feel it! Hold each hose in your hand and give it a good feel. One will feel smooth and almost silky, one rougher and harder. Now the best test, hold them upright next to each other and measure their flop, this is done by seeing how ‘droopy’ they are. Funnily enough the droopier the better. It means, it is more flexible, resulting in the cleaner not being ‘driven’ by the hose, giving it the freedom to travel all over your pool.

Now continuous vs sectional. Both if Ultra Flex genuine Kreepy Krauly hoses, have been tested with your cleaner. The biggest differences are:

Continuous – Premium Option

Has maximum flexibility and is a preferred option with long time Kreepy Krauly customers, however will need relaxing out of the box

Sectional Hose – Easy to use option

Plug and play, also adding or removing lengths of hose can easily be conducted, however must be done in 1m intervals.

In summary, ask your pool professional for their advice, but just remember flexibility is very important in allow your cleaner to get on and clean your pool daily.

Longer doesn’t necessarily mean better. When you have a hose that is too long it can be bunched up, get coiled and cause you cleaner to get stuck in corners and edges it shouldn’t.

We generally recommend your hose to be 1-1.5m longer than the distance from your skimmer box to the furthest point in your pool. This means your cleaner will have the freedom to crisscross the pool without getting caught up on itself or put in a naughty corner.

If you ever need hint, tips or advice on your cleaner, why not contact one of your dealers or call 1800 777 255.

How much sunscreen should I use?

Posted on 01 Feb 2018

The simple answer is… for an adult is 7 teaspoons! That is one for each arm and leg, one for the front of your body and one for the back and then one final teaspoon for your face.

Just like Mary Poppins said, “Just a spoon for a sugar makes the medicine go down”… we think just a spoon full of sunscreen makes the skin cancers go down.

Invest in the best anti-aging product on the market… Sunscreen! It will help prevent wrinkles and skin cancer and coupled with a hat and some nice clothes you have the best anti-aging secret on the market.

Kreepy Krauly – A Family Story

Posted on 23 Jan 2018

A lot of people don’t know this but Kreepy Krauly is a second-generation Western Australian family business started over 40 years ago by Terry Jackson.

Kreepy Krauly’s unique cleaning action was pioneered by Ferdinand Chauvier, a South African hydraulics engineer who was seeking a solution to the laborious task of cleaning a swimming pool.
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