How to extend the life of your Kreepy Krauly?

So you have gotten a Kreepy Krauly, so lets officially welcome him/her into your family. This new member we promise will be the hardest worker, working 365 days a year in rain, hail and shine. You can splash, drop leaves and even forget to pay pocket money and it won’t stop the daily clean.

Once you have gotten use to almost forgetting about your pool, it might pay to consider a few things to keep your “Kreep” happier for longer:

  • Remove your cleaner if you intend to chemically “Shock” your pool in any way
  • In winter adjust your automatic chlorination settings down if you using a pool blanket
  • When cleaning your skimmer basket, check your automatic vacuum control valve moves freely to ensure too much vacuum isn’t going to your cleaner, causing premature wear

If you need any hints on shocking, chlorination settings or any other advice about your pool, feel free to contact one of our friendly dealers.