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Get the best of both pool cleaner worlds with the Kreepy Krauly rX-Tank. This robotic pool cleaner is equipped with Robotic X-Over™ (crossover) technology, with a patent pending (P45510AUP1) unique zig zag robotic style steering system housed in the suction cleaner.

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Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner rX-Tank

The Kreepy Krauly rX-Tank robotic pool cleaner is the first cleaner of its kind. Featuring  our own unique Robotic X-Over™ (crossover) technology, with a patent pending (P45510AUP1) on a unique zig zag robotic style steering system housed in a suction cleaner. This latest Kreepy Krauly Australian Designed & Australian Made robotic suction pool cleaner is truly automated, cleverly efficient and designed to get out of any tricky corner.

It has the intelligence robotic cleaners are known for, and the convenience of a suction pool cleaner.

The RX Tank is a truly unmatched, 100% hassle-free, and fully automatic robotic pool cleaner.

Robotic X-Over™ Cleaning

The “RX” in RX Tank stands for “robotic crossover.” Our on unique patent pending steering system, paired with advanced pool cleaner technology, makes the suction stronger and gives the RX-Tank more mobility and overall strength. Give it any of the variable speed pumps, and the RX Tank is still the #1 formidable pool cleaning force there is.

Energy-Efficient Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • Save energy with 0 (ZERO) running costs with single speed pump
  • Can operate with and tunes with all variable speed pumps
  • Saves energy, human energy too
  • Works perfectly under a pool blanket
  • Stays unstuck with a programmed gearing system

State-of-the-Art Halo Pump Protection (Included)

The Halo pump protector prevents air from entering your system. It serves as a guardian angel to your pool pump, ensuring your pool cleaner releases off pool walls without letting in air. 

An Australian Made & Custom Designed Robotic Suction Cleaner

A masterpiece of Australian design and manufacturing, the Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank redefines pool cleaning with its blend of power, precision and energy efficiency unmatched in the market. Experience the future of pool cleaning today.

RX-Tank Product Suitcase Includes:

  • rX-Tank Machine
  • Flexible Hose Connector
  • 10m of Ultra Flex Hose
  • Smart Skim (Automatic Vacuum Control Valve)

Patents Pending on rX-Tank

rX-Tank’s Key Benefits:

Robotic Pool Cleaning Benefits:

Enjoy a truly hassle-free, cleaner, and healthier pool.

Reduce dead spots and let your robot pool cleaner always do what he does best, roam around and clean everything.

The RX-Tank robotic pool vacuum’s design lets it easily cover your entire pool regardless of shape and size, without ever getting stuck.

When taking in water from various areas of the pool and passing it through the advanced filtration and sanitation system, your RX-Tank will never get stuck. 

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  • Power Steering Halo

    RX-Tank features advanced power steering abilities give this robotic pool cleaner unbeatable wall traction for when cleaning walls with multiple angles.

  • Dual Drive Navigation

    X-NavTM technology: dual-drive coverage independently navigates rX-Tank in any direction across pool floors & wall. As a robotic pool cleaner should, it effortlessly creates intelligent cleaning paths on its own to never stop pool cleaning.

  • X-Treme Clean Power Brushes

    Dual hydraulic power brushes agitate and lift dirt and debris. The RX-Tank robotic pool cleaner provides an unmatchable clean.

  • Halo Pump Protection Included

    The Halo Pump Protector is your robotic pool cleaner’s guardian angel. For extra pool pump safety, the Halo ensures your cleaner releases off the pool wall preventing air from entering your system.

  • Fully Automatic

    Just plug and play, empty your skimmer basket, and no need for manual lifting or power cords. A truly automatic robo pool cleaning solution.

  • Turbo Cleaning Cycle

    Tough, even through sand. See the difference in 30 minutes, visit kreepykrauly.com.au.

  • Trusted Technology

    The state of the art X-NavTM coverage technology reflects Kreepy Krauly’s 40+ years of pool cleaning expertise.

  • Robust and Reliable

    With no delicate electronics that can fail, this robotic cleaner is tank tough! The geared system delivers the methodical coverage of a robotic cleaner, with the robustness of a suction cleaner.

The heart of this robotic suction cleaner is a powerful turbine. It maximises your pool’s suction to drive the cleaners tracks, gearing system and power brushes to quietly and efficiently clean your pool’s surface. It navigates the tightest of corner moving freely around obstacles to give your pool and unbeatable coverage.

How it steers

X-Nav™ technology with a dual drive coverage system independently navigates rX-Tank in any direction across the floor and wall. It intelligently creates a cleaning path for your pool and effortlessly cleans it for you. With its advanced power steering halo, the Kreepy Krauly robotic pool cleaner boasts unbeatable wall traction for multi-angle wall cleaning.

How it cleans

rX-Tank cleans your pool daily with your normal filter cycle by utilising its X-Treme Clean Power Bushes to lift dirt and debris to Vortex Vacuum your pool surface. As the cleaner moves around your pool daily it assists in circulating water from different areas of your pool through your purpose built filtration and sanitation system to reduce dead spots in your pool. Leaves are picked up and pulled though the straight-through turbine heart of the cleaner, direct to your skimmer box for hassle free cleaning. The Vortex Vacuum aids in the pick up of heavier debris such as sand and grit, that can be left by other cleaners. The Smart-Skim or Auto Skim uses the excess vacuum to draw water into your skimmer box to help reduce floating debris.

The X-Treme Flex Hose

To achieve coverage of your pool, the X-Treme flex hose provides the freedom your cleaner needs to navigate your pool. Its unique design rests just below the water surface due to its natural buoyancy.

How to install rX-Tank

For comprehensive information on how to quickly and easily set up your new Kreepy Krauly rX-Tank for years of trouble-free service, download our RX-Tank Installation and Operation Manuals.

More rX-Tank installation and operation resources:




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