Our History


The First Prototype Kreepy Krauly was invented by Ferdinand Chauvier, a South African Hydraulic's Engineer, out of wood, rubber and plastic.

The first South African cleaners were made from vacuum formed plastic. However, they struggled to withstand the pool environment and the effects of the movement of the flow valve.


Chauvier met Terry Jackson A.M., an Australian Above Ground Pool Manufacturer.

Terry Jackson, is English born and immigrated to Australia when he was 15 years old. He studied engineering and quickly fell in love with everything Australia had to offer and its amazing and endless opportunities.

He founded Sherwood Overseas Co Pty Ltd, who initially made above ground swimming pools, before having the confidence to bring his expertise to help develop Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners and bring it to market.

The first Australian made and designed cleaner was made by Sherwood Overseas Co. Pty Ltd, out of Injection Moulded Plastic

From 1976, Sherwood under the direction of Terry Jackson, continued to design and manufacture Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners.

Manufacturing was not only for the Australian market, but in the initial years Australian made and designed components were supplied all round the world. Aussie made and Aussie proud. He still is very proud of manufacturing in Perth, Australia, where he calls home.



Our Unique Vortex Action Technology

Over 45 years, Our Unique Vortex Action Technology has continuously been refined to handle the tough Australian pool conditions, making our cleaners pick up sand and debris effortlessly


Manufactured to be truly automatic

The Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner is synonymous in Australia for pool cleaning. It has been engineered from the ground up to withstand our harsh conditions, heat, UV and sand, especially from our sandy West Australia home.

Kreepy Krauly system’s are designed from skimmer box to machine, creating a full system to make pool ownership easier. Leaving pool owners more time for the more important things in life.

Auto skim

The key to the success of suction cleaner is the correct vacuum being provided to the cleaner. Our specially designed valve automatically adjusts to the changing conditions in the pool. Truly handsfree and hassle free.


Ultra Flex Hose

Are all hoses the same? In short no. The hose in a suction cleaner system provides the path for water flow from your skimmer box to your cleaner, but it does so much more.

At Kreepy Krauly we design our hose to be incredibly flexible to provide your cleaner with the freedom to move independent of the hose. If you hose is hard and tough, it will drive the pool cleaner and cause issues such as lack of coverage. This may not be as noticeable in the middle of summer, but as the pool gets colder you will notice this more.

Use of Silicone

With a drive to continue to improve our products for performance and longevity. We started utilising Silicone in our cleaners over 20 years ago. Silcone is a UV and Chemical resistant product and more abrasive resistance than traditional plastics. This is the reason why Silicone was first pioneered, by Kreepy Krauly, in the pool cleaner industry with the Premium Silicone Seal. Over the years this application has be expanded to rollers, tracks and now to our flexible hose connector on rX-Tank.


Western Australian family business

Kreepy Krauly is still Australia made, owned and operated by the family.

Now a second-generation family business, we will continue to be committed to our trade and customers and want to thank you for all of your support over the last 45 years and we look forward to provide the best pool cleaning system for your and your family for many decades to come.

Why Kreepy Krauly?