Sprinta Plus

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Unstickable in any pool

Architectural pools, with their clean lines and dramatic steps, look amazing. However, all those sharp angles can be a challenge for conventional pool cleaners. The Sprinta Plus was specifically designed to clean the trickiest of pools with ease. Its flexible hose connector and geared steering system allow it to navigate tight corners and stairs without getting trapped.


Sprinta Plus is unstickable and unstoppable. The straight through turbine creates a powerful vortex for maximum continuous suction. Sprinta Plus doesn’t get blocked when the debris gets tough. It can easily cope with the heaviest of leaf loads. With no wheels or tracks to jam, and enclosed gears, not even sand and grit can slow a Sprinta Plus.


Sprinta Plus is built for the marathon. It’s made in Australia from the best UV and Chemical resistant plastics for a long, reliable life.


Lightweight and compact, it’s easy to install and works off your existing pump – attach it to your skimmer box and it’s ready to go.


Sprinta Plus is suitable for most pool surfaces and shapes.


Sprinta Plus was Choice’s Recommended Pool Cleaner in 2020.


Sprinta Plus Suitcase Includes

• Sprinta Plus Machine;

• Flexible Hose Connector;

• 10m of Ultra Flex Hose; and

• Smart Skim (Automatic Vacuum Control Valve)


Note: Smart Skim can be upgraded to Auto Skim and Custom Vacuum Plate in store or by contacting us through the contact form via https://www.kreepykrauly.com.au/contacts/

Spinta Plus’s Key Benefits

  • Sucks
    Sprinta Plus creates a powerful vortex vacuum that sucks up all debris in its path to achieve a complete clean.

  • Sweeps
    Large front and side scoops efficiently pick up heavy leaf loads, whilst sucking up sand and scum.

  • Skims
    The Smart-Skim regulates the amount of suction needed and uses the excess vacuum to pull floating debris into the skimmer box, for a top to bottom clean.

‘Unstickable’ in any pool


The Intelligent Steering System allows Sprinta Plus to navigate the tightest corners and optimises coverage of your pool.



Unstoppable performance


The straight through turbine design means Sprinta Plus can handle large debris with ease. It resists choking or jamming when the cleaning gets tough.



Plug and play


There’s no need to adjust suction levels. Simply attach your Sprinta Plus to your skimmer box and watch it get to work.



Unbeatable Warranties


You have the assurance of a 2-year Full System Warranty and a 10-year Flow Turbine Warranty. This extended warranty is your guarantee of years of reliable, continuous performance.

The innovations that make Sprinta Plus unstickable and unstoppable.


Allows Sprinta Plus to navigate the tightest corners and optimises coverage of your pool. The fully enclosed gears are protected against sand and jamming.


The straight through turbine design means it can handle large debris and leaves with ease. It resists choking or jamming when the cleaning gets tough.


Sprinta Plus skims the surface while it sucks, so your pool is cleaned from top to bottom. There’s no need to adjust, measure or fiddle with the vacuum pressure, it’s all done automatically.


This allows Sprinta Plus to pivot and turn in any direction, so it can get into the tightest nooks and crannies and traverse your pool.


The smooth bore and flexibility of the hose allows Sprinta Plus to reach every corner of your pool.


With no heavy tracks or wheels to slow it down, the lightweight compact design of the Sprinta Plus maximises energy efficiency and suction power.


Provide a large coverage area for the cleaner to efficiently pick up heavy leaf loads, whilst sucking up sand and scum.

How the Sprinta Plus Works

The powerful turbine efficiently utilising the pool’s suction, oscillates your Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus’ legs, propelling it in a forward motion. Its minimal contact with the pool surface contributes to its fast speed and efficient cleaning. Your Sprinta Plus light weight and compact design will allow it to move all over your pool floor, navigating itself into the tightest of corners and turning out of any sticky obstacle, making it ‘Unstickable’.


How it Steers

The Intelligent Steering Module navigates the Sprinta Plus in a looping pattern that alternates in direction, ensuring efficient cleaning. Its ‘unstickable’ reputation is due to its steering system as it will automatically turn and release itself immediately, or after a short delay, depending on your pool shape. In combination with the Ultra Flex hose, this ensures your cleaner is not restricted or directed by the hose.


How it Cleans

Your Sprinta Plus, will clean your pool daily with your normal filter cycle whilst gently Skimming and Vortex Vacuuming your pool surface. Leaves will be picked up by the large front and side scoops and pulled through the straight through turbine to the skimmer box. The Vortex Vacuum will aid in the pick of heavier pick up such as sand and grit that can be left by other cleaners.


The Ultra Flex Hose

Our hose is especially unique and you will notice it will loosely lay just below the water surface due to its buoyancy and hose weights. When the cleaner crosses paths with the hose the section closest to the cleaner will pass underneath the rest of the hose. This ensures total freedom of the cleaner.