Maintaining A Perfect Swimming Pool Water Level Through Rainy Season

So it is raining… Great for farmers, or for getting your low swimming pool water level topped up. However, did you know if your pool water level gets too high, that it can stop your skimmer box from working? Yes, rain has a drawback if you’re a swimming pool owner. But at least the fix is simple.

This post shares practical advice about how to keep your pool’s skimmer box in peak working form, and how to keep your swimming pool in tip-top shape overall during the rainy season.

Some Swimming Pool Water Level Maintenance Tips

Efficient operation of your pool filter system relies heavily on the water level in your swimming pool, but this fact is often overlooked.

Novice pool owners may not realise it, but if you fail to maintain the ideal swimming pool water level, your skimmer box could be at risk of shutting down.

How to Find the Best Water Level for Your Pool

We already have you covered with the best robotic pool cleaner around. But we also have essential pool tips for you too. And a swimming pool water level is one to know all about. Finding the perfect water level is a simple process and can typically be judged from sight alone. You should aim to have your water sitting at the halfway point of your skimmer hatch (which sits on the side of your pool).

It is recommended you have your water level between one-third and one-half up the swimming pool skimmer box opening. If the level is higher than that, it may slow or even stop debris from being pulled into the skimmer box through the plate or valve. This means that there will be floating debris left on your pool water surface as a result.

pool skimmer box water level

A pool skimmer box water level getting a bit too high.


The Problem of a High or Low Water Level

Whether your swimming pool water level falls too low or goes beyond the correct depth, immediate action must be taken.

What if the Water Level is Too Low?

If your swimming pool water level sinks below the optimal depth, you could be facing severe damage to your skimmer. Due to the lack of water, your skimmer will start to draw air into the filter system. As a result, the motor for your pump is at risk of burning out.

Replacing your pool filtration system can be a costly issue, so it’s a good idea to do everything you can to prevent it.

What if the Water Level is Too High?

Though not as serious as a low swimming pool water level, a high-water level can still pose a mild threat to your skimmer.

The higher influx of water can reduce the skimmer’s efficiency, which creates a greater likelihood for maintenance work. A non-functioning skimmer also spells doom for the cleanliness of your pool. When the pool filter is out of action, it’s up to you to manually fish out the debris and foliage from the water.

Maintaining a Perfect Water Level

Between rain and evaporation, your swimming pool water level will never stay the same. The minute changes caused by outside forces are usually out of your hands, but what can you do to prevent extreme changes in your swimming pool water level?

  • Daily Checks – By simply checking your water level on a daily basis you can stay one step ahead of the changing tides of backyard pools.
  • Adding and Removing Water – You’ll rarely have to remove water from a swimming pool, but you may need to top it up from time-to-time.
  • The effects of a low water level are much more disastrous than that of a high one so keeping your water filled is a vital step in pool upkeep.

Just by using these two methods, you can greatly reduce the risk of a dangerous rise or drop in water level, saving you money and unnecessary headaches.

The Effects of Heavy Rain

When preparing for hurricanes and heavy downpours, many pool owners make the common mistake of draining their pool – something that often has severe consequences.

Your main concern should be your swimming pool’s water level, and you should prepare the space around your pool to accommodate an overflow.

By removing any garden furniture and disconnecting any electrics, you can drastically reduce the risk posed by rising water levels.

Pool Skimmer Box Water Level Matters

There is endless advice available but when it comes to your swimming pool water level, the solution is simple. Maintain proper pool care and keep up with regular checks for your water levels to remain stable.

In Summary: It is acceptable for your water level to be anywhere from one third to one half of your skimmer box height. If it is to sink below, or rise above this range, then you should return the water to its optimum level.

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