Is your pool cleaner staying at one end?

Your Kreepy Krauly has become a member of the family, that actually does his daily chore without complaint.

However, after some time, he may have picked up a bad habit like a ‘real’ member of the family and wants to stay down one end of the pool, typically near the skimmer box.

Before you start telling him off, there is a SIMPLE fix and a root cause of your problem.

My Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner Keeps Getting Stuck

Just when you find a brand of pool cleaners that don t get stuck, you end up dealing with a sticking issue again. Right?

Well, with Kreepy Kraulies you’ll be happy to learn that it all comes down to a single issue to take care of before you’re back to effortless, mindless pool cleaning without end.

So if you’re on Google searching, “My Kreepy Krauly stays in one end of the pool”, please read on!

While most do agree that our Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners are very effective and very unstuck able…. there are some reasons why you may be having these Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner problems.

The Main Cause: A Coiling Hose

Your genuine ultra flex hose has started to coil.

This can happen for a number of reasons, for example:

  • You have taken your hose out of the pool and stored it. It coiled.
  • Over time the top layer of your pool water has slowly reset the memory of your hose.
  • Don’t worry though, there is a very simple fix that doesn’t require purchasing a new hose:

How To Stop A Kreepy Krauly Getting Stuck

Option 1: The Easiest Method

Remove the hose from the pool and lay it flat by the pool for a few hours on a hot day (above 28ºC)

Option 2: Method in Cooler Weather

  • If the weather is cooler, lay the hose out straight and fill it with warm (50-60ºC) not boiling water.
  • Roll the waterside to side until the hose warms up and uncoils.
  • Empty the warm water and then pour cold water through the hose – either manually or by attaching one end to the pump.
  • When you reinstall your hose you will notice the cleaner will now want to travel to the furthest points of your pool and his behaviour would have improved.

Most Common Ways A Pool Cleaner Gets Stuck:

  • Gets stuck in a corner
  • Stays on one end (for something other than getting stuck in a corner)
  • Gets stuck on a ladder
  • Gets stuck on the stairs
  • Stuck on a wall
  • Gets stuck on the main drain

Conclusion: Let Your Kreepy Krauly Happily Forever Roam…

Whether you’re having Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner problems, or your different brand pool cleaner keeps getting stuck, if your new or old pool cleaner gets stuck all the time, it’s going to come down to these few solutions.

If you’re looking for pool cleaners that don t get stuck, our 4 models all have proven themselves worthy in this arena. Now that you know the one thing that’ll get your Krauly stuck, now you can 100% avoid it and enjoy endless cleaning joy from your Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner.

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