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What Is the Best Pool Hose Type? (Generic v. Sectional v. Continuous)

When the summer sun makes its grand return, you’d much rather be lounging in your pool, instead of scrubbing grime from its walls.

It may come as a surprise, but your choice of pool cleaner hose type could make or break your swimming experience. Make the wrong decision, and you’ll be navigating murky waters.

As such, it’s best to familiarise yourself with all the best pool hose options available to understand the pros and cons of each model. Only then can you accurately seek out the ideal pool cleaner hose to fulfill your needs.

The Best Pool Hose Types

Will a Generic Pool Hose Work?

The story is always the same when you go to a big-name retailer in search of advice. They offer a generic brand and some meaningless jargon then send you on your way. But what if that generic brand is actually the best solution?

Though not always the case, you can occasionally stumble across a no-name brand that offers sufficient cleaning capabilities. There’s even a simple way to put your prospective pool cleaner hose to the test to see if it’s right for the job.

By holding your hose upright, you can assess its flexibility. The more flexible, the better, as this allows the hose to move with the pool cleaner rather than act as a hindrance that restricts its reach.

Continuous and Sectional Pool Cleaner Hoses

Despite both of these Ultra-Flex pool cleaner hoses being tested by our expert team, and both being determined superior hoses to the generic brands, they each offer a unique set of advantages for pool owners to explore.

Continuous Hoses

Continuous hoses boast maximum flexibility and efficiency. Plus, as a result of their premium design, can be used to incorporate heating systems into your pool. It’s important to note that a continuous hose needs time to relax after unboxing.

Sectional Hoses

Sectional hoses are a more straightforward option to choose. Not only are they more functional, but installation is also effortless and stress-free. As a result of the segmented design, adding and removing lengths of sectional piping is simple, but must be done at 1-metre intervals for adjusting pool cleaner hose length with sectional hoses.

2 Biggest Differences Between Continuous & Sectional Pool Hose Types

  • Continuous – Premium option

Has maximum flexibility and is a preferred option with long time Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner customers, however will need relaxing out of the box.

  • Sectional Hose – Easy to use option

Plug and play, also adding or removing lengths of hose can easily be conducted, however must be done in 1m intervals.

Pool Cleaner Hose Care

While most retailers will offer you a warranty on your pool’s fixtures and fittings, there are a few methods you can employ to extend the life of your pool cleaner hose. These include:

  • Keeping your piping out of direct sunlight, as this can warp the plastic
  • Preventing the piping from getting tangled by not placing unnecessarily long hoses in the swimming pool
  • Ensuring that you repair pierced or punctured hoses as soon as possible, to avoid further damage
  • Storing any excess hose segments appropriately to ensure they stay in great condition longer
  • Laying your pool hose out in the sun for a few hours before placing it to a cold environment if it curls up and loses its shape. This will reset the ‘memory’ of your pool cleaning hose and return it to its natural shape

In summary

Between continuous vs sectional which is type of pool cleaner hose is best?

The answer is, both. If Ultra Flex genuine Kreepy Krauly hoses, have been tested with your cleaner.

Whether you’re wondering how to stop Kreepy Krauly getting stuck or any other pool hose or cleaner-related question, your Kreepy Krauly supplier can provide local pool cleaner guidance so regardless of where you are in Australia you will have the expert advice you need.

It’s good to remember, flexibility is very important in allowing your cleaner to get on and clean your pool daily. Educate yourself on the different types of pool cleaner hoses and use our tried and true, flexibility test. It will set you well on your way to finding your perfect pool cleaner hose.

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