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How Long Should My Pool Vacuum Hose Be?

Too much of anything is a bad thing, a fact that rings true for most things. But how do you judge your pool cleaner hose length, and how long it should be?

The answer seems to elude novice pool owners, who spend their summer mornings fishing an excess of piping from their water, instead of relaxing at the poolside. The good news is that there’s a simple solution to guide you and we tell all below.

Calculating How Long Your Pool Vacuum Hose Should Be?

A pool vacuum hose only needs to be long enough to extend from your skimmer/vacuum port to the furthest point in your swimming pool, while accounting for its depth. This way, you shouldn’t have any trouble with twisting pipes when you remove the vacuum hose.

Measuring the ideal length for your hose is a matter of calculating the distance of the two furthest points in your swimming pool. So, for example;

If your skimmer is located 30 feet from the furthest corner, and your pool has a depth of 5 feet, you will need a 35-foot-long vacuum hose.

Can Your Pool Vacuum Hose Be Too Long?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying too much vacuum piping. Though it may seem like a smart decision, it can cause some major headaches in the long run.

Not only can an excess of piping be difficult to remove from your pool, but it can also be damaging to the hose itself. By having too much piping, you are creating the ideal conditions for tangling and ultimately shortening the life of your vacuum hose.

While the extra reach may seem appealing; pool vacuum hosing is nota product that you want to bulk-buy.

Adjustable Length Pool Vacuum Hoses

If numbers aren’t your thing, and you are looking for an easier solution, then adjustable length pool vacuums may be the answer.

These multipacks of 36-50-inch pipes can be fitted together to achieve the length of hose that you need. It means you can figure out the exact dimensions as you’re putting the hose together, without previously knowing how long your pool vacuum hose should be.

Another advantage of the adjustable length pool vacuum hoses is the expendability. No longer will you have the expensive job of replacing an entire hose, because one section is punctured. Instead, you can replace one segment of the piping for a fraction of the cost.

Take The Right Measurements To Find Your Ideal Pool Cleaner Hose Length

When it comes to cleaning tools, pool cleaners and accessories, the right gear is vital. Pool owners must endeavour to measure the exact dimensions of their pool, and use the prior mentioned calculation, to find the most ideal length for their hose.

The purpose of owning a pool is to relax, but when you’re retrieving loose piping in your swimming shorts, the serenity is quickly lost. It’s wise to save yourself the trouble from the start and ask yourself, ‘how long should my pool vacuum hose be?’.

If you ever need hint, tips or advice on your cleaner, why not contact one of your dealers or call 1800 777 255.

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