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Physics of Clean

A vortex is a whirling mass of water that creates a force of suction. This powerful force is at the heart of Kreepy Krauly cleaners. Say hasta la vista leaves, see ya later sand, bye-bye bugs, hello effortlessly clean pool.

As they work off your pool pump water is stirred, circulated and filtered from bottom to top, leaving no dead zone where algae can build up. It also means zero running costs and zero chores – being fully automatic leave-in the pool cleaners you don’t have to do a thing to enjoy crystal clear healthy water. Genius.

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Your pool’s shape influences the physics of how it’s cleaned. To help the Pool Professors determine the best cleaner for your needs, answer a few simple research questions.

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Still undecided? Consult your local pool professional, or ask the Pool Professors to come and do a free in home demonstration.

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Pool Physics 101

A suction vs robotic pool cleaner: which works best?

When assessing pool cleaners, there are three parts to the equation: effort, effectiveness and cost. Before deciding on the right option for your lifestyle, it pays to do a little research.   (more…)

Is your pool trying to tell you something?

  If your pool could speak, green water would be a desperate cry for help. That alien hue literally means your pool has dead spots and it is being invaded by another life form – algae. Just as poor circulation...
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The Range


All Kreepy Krauly pool cleaning systems are proudly made in WA to withstand harsh Australian conditions.