The cleaner your pool is, the more inviting it is. Here’s why Kreepy Krauly, the original pool cleaner, is still the best:


All Kreepy Krauly pool cleaning systems are proudly made in WA to withstand harsh Australian conditions.



Kreepy Krauly systems are manufactured from top quality materials that are UV, salt, chemical and heat resistant. Robustness and reliability are engineered into all Kreepy Krauly products. These Australian-made cleaners are built to deliver years of continuous use and should only require minimal servicing.


Local Service And Parts

Being an Australian company, we offer Australia-wide backup for after sales service, maintenance and parts. To enjoy years of reliable use from your Kreepy Krauly, always choose Certified Genuine parts. Call 1800 777 255 to find your nearest authorised stockist.


Unbeatable Warranty

Kreepy Krauly cleaners are engineered to last. This is reflected in the 1 year warranty on the Full System 10-year warranty on the Flow Drive. With fewer moving parts than other automatic pool cleaning systems, there’s less wear, tear and servicing required.


A History Of Innovation

Kreepy Krauly unique vortex cleaning action was pioneered by Ferdinand Chauvier, a South African hydraulics engineer. This first Mark I cleaner although revolutionary in its solution to pool cleaning, was heavy, inefficient and did not withstand harsh pool conditions. Terry Jackson, Managing Director of Sherwood Overseas Company, a Western Australian manufacturer and exporter of above ground pools, brought the product to Australia and set about refining the Mark I cleaner for the Australian market. Every single component was completely redesigned and new materials were selected to enable the machine to be totally manufactured from durable injected moulded or extruded plastics. The Kreepy Krauly “Mark II” was launched in Australia in 1976 and was an immediate success. Sherwood was soon exporting the Australian-made Kreepy Krauly to over 19 countries. Since then, we’ve continued to innovate and take advantage of developments in materials and technology, while continuously refining Kreepy Krauly’s unique Vortex cleaning action. The best just keeps getting even better. Current innovations include:

  • Ultra Flex Hose for greater cleaning power
  • Patented Swivel Head improves cleaning efficiency
  • Special Silicon Seal for longer scrubbing life
  • Oversized Scoop for superior leaf removal
  • Scrubbing Seal dislodges calcium build up and algae from pool surfaces so it can be vacuumed away for a total clean
  • Autoskim for full pool surface skimming and vacuum control.
  • Smart-Skim for efficient pool surface skimming