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How to care for and extend the life of your pool cleaner

So you have an amazing, luxury oasis in your Australian backyard, that you enjoy sharing with friends and family. 

But with that luxury comes the responsibility of maintaining it, including keeping the pool clean.

This is where a pool cleaner comes in handy. An automatic pool cleaner is designed to make pool maintenance easier and more efficient, leaving you more time for the more important things in life.

But, just like any other machine, it needs to be taken care of and maintained properly to extend its working life.

This article shows you how to care for your pool cleaner and make it last longer.

Clean your cleaner regularly

home Pool Safety checklist For Kids & The Family

The first step to maintaining your pool cleaner is to clean it regularly.

For a suction cleaner like a Kreepy Krauly, this entails removing any debris or leaves that may have built up in the skimmer box and giving the cleaner a quick inspection for any wear and tear or damage.

For a robotic cleaner like a Dolphin, it is lifting it out of the pool and removing the filter bag, rinsing it and putting it back in the pool making sure the cord is not a trip hazard. 

Doing this will stop the cleaner or pool system from getting clogged and will ensure your cleaner keeps working the way it should.

Proper storage

When not in use, it is important to store your pool cleaner properly. This means keeping it in a dry, covered and cool place, away from direct sunlight and the elements. 

Extreme temperatures can harm your cleaner and reduce its lifespan.

With a suction cleaner like a Kreepy Krauly, we recommend breaking down the hose sections, so the hose is stored as straight as possible. 

Regular inspections

pool professor with Sprinta Plus

Besides cleaning and maintaining your cleaner regularly, it’s important to inspect your pool cleaner regularly.

Check the hoses, brushes, and other components for any signs of wear and tear.

If you notice any damage, replace the parts immediately.

Use the right parts and accessories

Using the right parts and accessories is crucial for maintaining your pool cleaner. If you use generic parts they can damage the cleaner and void its warranty, but most importantly it may affect the cleaner’s performance.

Stick only to using genuine parts and accessories – these are made just for your cleaner.

Do a proper chemical balance

pool water testing

It is important to keep the chemicals balanced in your pool. This is necessary not only for the pool’s health, but also to protect the lifespan and warranty of your pool cleaner.

More information about chemical balancing as well as other pool maintenance tips can be read in our handy FAQs.

Handy tip: Did you know chemical damage is not covered under your pool cleaners warranty? Test and adjust the chemical levels in your pool regularly to make sure they are in the proper range.

Remove your cleaner when shocking your pool

PHOTO: A pool like this will need a chemical shock, just remember to remove your pool cleaner.

Always remove your pool cleaner from your pool when shocking or adding any extreme amounts of chemicals. 

Handy tip: If it isn’t safe for you to swim, it isn’t safe for your cleaner to swim. 

You will also void your warranty. More information about shocking your pool can be found here.

Suction cleaner do’s and don’ts

Always check if your skimmer basket and valve are clean and working well. Also, look for any signs of damage in the components.

Handy tip: Did you know suction cleaner can function beneath your pool blanket and maintain cleanliness throughout summer and winter? Just be careful not to void your warranty (see above: Do a proper chemical balance)

Robot cleaner do’s and don’ts

If you own a robot cleaner, don’t leave it in the pool for extended periods.

If it is exposed to water and chemicals for a long time, it can cause the cleaner’s parts to perish.

Once your cleaner is finished cleaning, take it out of the pool and clean it. Then, store it in a cool and dry spot, away from the sun.

Always remember to check your filter on your robot.


  • Don’t forget to clean and check your cleaner often, use genuine parts and accessories, and keep the right chemical balance in your pool.
  • Make sure you store your cleaner properly, covered from the elements, and away from direct sunlight.
  • Ask yourself if the spare parts are easily accessible? Is there local service and support? What does the warranty cover? What is the cost for repairs if they happen? Is it $30 for a new part, or $400?
  • Cleaners tend to experience wear and tear over time. It’s smart to first invest in a good product made for Australia by Australians.
  • We live in a society where things are easily thrown away. Let’s take care of what we have. Care for your cleaner and you’ll save money and the environment.

If you follow these tips, you can make your pool cleaner last longer and keep your pool clean and shiny.

With proper care, your pool cleaner will continue to serve you for years to come.

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