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Green Pool Water: Is Your Pool Trying To Tell You Something?

If your pool could speak, green water would be a desperate cry for help. That alien hue literally means your pool has dead spots and it is being invaded by another life form – algae. Just as poor circulation leaves our bodies vulnerable to illness, poor circulation compromises your pool’s health.

The result is green pool water.

While your pool’s pump is like a heart, and very efficient at drawing water from the surface of the pool into the filter where it can be cleaned and sanitised, it can’t circulate water from the middle and bottom layers of your pool. The right cleaner however, can.

How To Clean Pool Water That Is Green

green pool water

The Key Is To Ensure Your Water Has No Stagnant Spots

Circulation beats agitation.

In order to keep pool algae at bay, it’s vitally important that you thoroughly stir your pool water daily.

Luckily, automatic suction pool cleaners can do just this. Suction cleaners work in tandem with the pump to draw water from the bottom of the pool and send it through the pool filter and sanitiser to kill nasty bacteria.

Not only is water cleaned, then thoroughly circulated, this motion also ensures chlorine or salt is fully dispersed around the pool.

And this happens every day, every time the pool pump runs.

The result?

Crystal clear water and a healthy, sparkling pool.

Unfortunately it is a different story with cleaners that work independently of the pump.

While they blow water around the bottom of the pool, and the return jets disperse water on the top, the middle layer of the pool can literally be left unmoved.

This is the dead zone that leads to green spots, and cloudy green pool water. The fact that these types of cleaners aren’t leave-in-the-pool cleaners compounds the problem – the water isn’t being circulated effectively or often enough.

Remove Tannins From Pool Water

Leaf No Trace

leaves in pool water adding tannins

Another cause of pool discoloration is staining on the bottom of the pool, caused by tannins leeching from leaves, nuts and berries.

Prevention is better than cure, so giving the pool a daily clean will remove the organic matter before it has a time to break down.

Again, suction cleaners have the advantage over robotics on this score.

Now you know why circulation is so important.

Helpful Resources:

  • Watch this video to learn about which suction cleaners do it the most effectively.
  • View some recommended pool-friendly plants you can incorporate over those tannin-generous ones.

Keep Pool Algae Away For Good.

The last thing you want to be doing all the time is throwing chemicals at your pool to shock away pool algae growth. Nor do you want algae brush strokes to be your main form of exercise.

The best way to keep pool algae away is to keep your water well circulated.

This is accomplished through proper mixing or stirring as we explain in the following video:


Using our mix drink analogy, you can see how when your pool’s water is properly stirred on a regular basis, it fully sanitises and does not let algae spots to start to breed.

All it takes is 1 day, so the emphasis on regular circulation is because of how fast algae can reproduce. Did you see the green Rio Olympics swimming pools?

That is why regular 100% water circulation is needed to prevent algal growth and unsightly green pool water.

Most pool cleaners won’t clear the green water.

They won’t give you the necessary water circulation. Variable speed pumps on low won’t stir the water enough. And running the pump for extra hours won’t make the water eventually circulate fully either.

Why You Need A Kreepy Krauly Automatic Suction Cleaner

Automatic suction cleaners do give you the proper circulation needed to prevent pool algae from forming in your swimming pool.

Our short and to-the-point presentation on water circulation shared above clearly shows exactly how these do stir the water properly.

We’re using the Kreepy Krauly VTX-7 in the presentation, but the fact is that all Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaners provide this necessary stirring needed to keep it pristine and clear instead of cloudy green hues.

Summary: Keep Your Water Properly Circulated

Whether your cloudly, green pool water issues come from algal growth alone, or from leaves and their tannins alone, both can be fully solved with our 100% Australian Made Kreepy Kraulys.

Shop locally and find us at your local pool shop.

Or buy Kreepy Krauly online directly from us.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions.

Thanks for coming by the Kreepy Krauly Pool Professors blog!



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