Four simple steps to choosing the right pool cleaner

When records tumbled in the pool at the Rio Olympics commentators wondered if Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky, Cate Campbell and co. were being pushed along by a “fast pool”.

They believed the Brazilians had manipulated the variables –turbulence, depth, circulation, temperature, wall slipperiness – to create a pool that resulted in a remarkable 23 world and Olympic records.

You won’t find the immortal Phelps flapping his famous flipper-sized feet in your backyard pool any time soon but a similar set of factors will affect your choice of pool cleaner.

The shape of the pool, what the bottom looks like, the material used to build it and the proximity of greenery should all be factored into your choice of pool cleaner.

To help you navigate these treacherous waters, we’ve created a Pool Cleaner Selector. In four simple steps you’ll be able to key in the variables and arrive at the right cleaner for your pool.

1. Shape
You begin by telling us the shape of your pool. Is it rectangular or square? Is it freeform or curved? These might seem like huge differences but every Kreepy Krauly has been designed to maximise effectiveness in a specific situation.

2. Profile
The next step is describing the profile of the bottom of your pool. Is it square or curved? In other words, does it have a sharp or rounded profile? Again, you need to know the ins and outs of your pool before buying a cleaner.

3. Material
Now we need to know what your pool is made of. Is it concrete, fibreglass, vinyl or is it tiled? Knowing the material will allow us establish which Kreepy Krauly most effectively cleans your surface.

4. Leaf Load
Check out the area around your pool to establish how much work your pool cleaner will need to do. Are there many trees and bushes close to the pool? Are they the kind that shed leaves and debris? Once you’ve got a clear picture of the foliage situation tell us if you’ll need a heavy, medium or medium/light leaf load in your cleaner.

Once you’ve entered all the variables into our Pool Selector we’ll tell you which Kreepy Krauly is the best choice for your pool.

If after using our Pool Selector you’re still unsure pop into one of the stores selling Kreepy Krauly and talk to an expert.

They’ll recommend the right Kreepy Krauly and let you get on with what you should be doing in and around your pool – swimming, relaxing, entertaining and generally chilling out.