Kreepy Krauly – A Family Story

A lot of people don’t know this but Kreepy Krauly is a second-generation Western Australian family business started over 40 years ago by Terry Jackson.

Kreepy Krauly’s unique cleaning action was pioneered by Ferdinand Chauvier, a South African hydraulics engineer who was seeking a solution to the laborious task of cleaning a swimming pool.

Chauvier’s first machine was revolutionary. However, the early prototypes would only last a few weeks.

Terry, who was the managing director of a company manufacturing above-ground pools, brought Chauvier’s prototype to Australia and set about refining it for the local market.

Every component was completely redesigned and new materials utilised to enable the machine to be totally manufactured from durable injection and extrusion-moulded materials.

The first Australian-designed Kreepy Krauly was launched in 1976 and was an immediate success. Not long after Terry started exporting the new, vastly improved Australian model around the world.

From those modest beginnings Kreepy Krauly has become a household name, a brand known for its reliability and performance

Reliability is important to us. Our pool cleaners are not faddish or disposable but built to last.

This means every component is designed to have a key function in the cleaning action, with material selection crucial in ensuring a long life in the sometimes challenging pool environment. All of our materials are UV and chemical resistant.

Every Kreepy Krauly has been designed and manufactured to be truly automatic. You simply set and forget. Your pool will be swim-ready, allowing you to spend can spend your precious time on the more important moments in life.

As a family business with deep roots in the community our core values are simple – be proud of what you create.

And for Kreepy Krauly this means a reliable, built-to-last Australian-made product that frees you up to enjoy your family and friends.

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