Dogs in your pool, is it safe?

Your dog, furry baby or man/lady’s best friend, although one of the family, can bring in approximately 3 times the ‘dirt’ or other particles that a human brings into the pool.

In their fur dirt, oil and faecal matter (that’s right… POO) can be trapped and then ‘washed’ into your beautiful sparkling pool. This means more chlorine/sanitising agents will be required to ensure your pool stays healthy and clean.

Other items to consider, before letting your dog swim:

  • Their paws and nails, which are normally firmly on the ground, will be displaying perfect doggy paddle and may scratch other swimmers;
  • Your filter may require backwashing or cleaning more frequently; and
  • Your dogs skin and ears – Like humans, showering after a dip may be useful to ensure irritation of the skin does not occur. In addition to this, ear infections in dogs typically occur due to water ingress and dampness, so it may be worth giving your ‘baby’ a dry in and around their ears.

In short, dog swimming is dependent on your dogs personality, breed and individual traits, but just remember to treat your water correctly for the extra ‘dirt’ that may be entering the pool.

If in doubt contact your vet and/or local pool shop for more hints, tips and advice.