How much meat per person at a BBQ?

You are planning an outdoor party… The BBQ has had a good scrape down and the pool is glistening in the background, now just the ‘quick’ trip to the shops. Being a good planner you start to write your shopping list.. Salad, turkish bread, dips, meat……

Then you ask yourself, how much meat should I allocated per person? This isn’t something you want to under cater and your pockets aren’t endless, so you don’t want to significantly over cater.

After years of experience around the pool and BBQ, we recommend, depending on appetite, 150 to 225grams of meat per adult. That means for 1 kilogram of steaks should feed between 4 to nearly 7 people. Throw in a package of sausages and some healthy leafy greens and you are guaranteed to fill bellies, leaving you more time for the more important moments in life like, elasticated waist band pants and chatting with friends and family.

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