Tired of getting cold hands this winter

Posted on 11 Aug 2017

With a Kreepy Krauly in your pool you won’t have to get your hands cold, even better no lifting in and out a robot or having to remember to plug it in.

Through winter your pool still needs some TLC, so why not make your life easier with a Kreepy Krauly. It is designed from the ground up to be a truly automatic pool cleaning system. You simply connect it to your skimmer box and let it take your pool water from all over the pool directly to your pool’s filtration system for a proper clean, reducing dead spots. Your cleaner will pick up leaves that sneak past your pool blanket reducing staining, improve circulation and help keep algae away. Even better it will come on everyday with your pool pump to ensure all the hard work is outsourced, without you needing to even think about it.

So enjoy the cold winter months surfing in an extra thick stylish wetsuit or being rugged up in front of a fire watching movie and leave the pool cleaning to the Kreepy. He will happily work 365 days a year taking on leaves, sand and anything else your pool throws at him, leaving you free for the more important things.