Automatic Pool Cleaners Adelaide

Adelaide SA may not be quite as hot as some other Australian cities, but they still get their share of heat in the summer. This is why many residents are turning to a pool of their own. It saves them having to leave home and travel to the beach on those hot days when they don’t have enough time or energy to tackle traffic.

One thing you need to know when you put in a pool is how to keep the water clean so bacteria are not a problem. It takes a lot of effort to clean the pool unless you also invest in an automatic pool cleaner like a Kreepy Krauly, one of Australia’s most popular cleaners. Australian designed and built, these pool cleaners can do just about everything needed to keep bacteria, algae and calcium deposits from ruining your pool water, requiring additional chemicals.


VTX-7 Pool Cleaner Adelaide



Triple Clean with Vortex Action to keep your pool Kreepy Krauly clean.

The new VTX-7, with Vortex Technology and Scrubbing Silicon Seal, has a triple cleaning action. It sucks, scrubs and skims to thoroughly clean your pool top, bottom and sides. Read more...



Sprinta Plus Pool Cleaners Adelaide

Sprinta Plus


Unstickable in any pool

The Sprinta Plus was specifically designed to clean the trickiest of pools with ease. Its flexible hose connector and geared steering system allow it to navigate tight corners and stairs without getting trapped. Read more...



VTX-3 Automatic Pool Cleaner Adelaide



Kreepy Krauly clean and compact

With the VTX-3, we’ve taken the same Vortex Cleaning Technology of our top of the range VTX 7 model and condensed it. It has a smaller main body and pipes making it ideal for compact pools. Read more...


They work away in the pool, scrubbing or sweeping the surfaces clean and whisking away debris such as leaves, twigs and even gumnuts or sand.  There are models made to suit pools of various sizes and shapes, which is why you need to do some little research to find which one is right for you.  If you don’t like research, it is easy to contact our distributors right across the Adelaide CBD  area and beyond , so whether you are in Golden Grove or Seaview Downs we can help you with a local pool shop close to you.

Our pool maintenance specialists can advise you on any problems and answer all the questions you may have about keeping your pool clean, no matter what kind of pool you have. They will be able to tell you which model cleaner is right for your pool, once you give them the details about the size and shape of the pool and what it is made from.

You can trust them to give you good advice, just like you can trust the pool cleaner to work away day and night to keep your pool as clean as can be.  If you want more detail, they’ll even give you a demo on the model you are interested in just to show you how good and how easy it is. Pool cleaners can scrub the bottom of the pool and climb up the side of the pool using suction to stay in place as they scrub and move along the wall. This is much easier than having to do it all by hand.

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