Automatic Pool Cleaners Melbourne

Just about every area of Australia has felt the heat this summer, including Melbourne, Victoria where they say you can get all four seasons in one day.  If you are considering installing a pool you won’t be sorry, especially if you are wise and also get an automatic pool cleaner like Kreepy Krauly to make pool ownership a breeze.


VTX-7 Pool Cleaner Melbourne



Triple Clean with Vortex Action to keep your pool Kreepy Krauly clean.

The new VTX-7, with Vortex Technology and Scrubbing Silicon Seal, has a triple cleaning action. It sucks, scrubs and skims to thoroughly clean your pool top, bottom and sides. Read more...



Sprinta Plus Pool Cleaners Melbourne

Sprinta Plus


Unstickable in any pool

The Sprinta Plus was specifically designed to clean the trickiest of pools with ease. Its flexible hose connector and geared steering system allow it to navigate tight corners and stairs without getting trapped. Read more...



VTX-3 Automatic Pool Cleaner Melbourne



Kreepy Krauly clean and compact

With the VTX-3, we’ve taken the same Vortex Cleaning Technology of our top of the range VTX 7 model and condensed it. It has a smaller main body and pipes making it ideal for compact pools. Read more...


The only downside of owning a pool is the work involved in keeping it clean and hygienic so it is safe to swim in. You have to get all those leaves out - and any other debris that blows in, otherwise it will start to rot and spoil your pristine water.  This can be a full-time job, especially if your pool is situated close to trees or bushes that drop their leaves right in.

The ideal of the automatic cleaner is that it can be left in the pool to work constantly, scrubbing or sweeping to keep algae at bay and skimming the surface of the pool to remove leaves.  You can imagine just how much work that will save you.  There are several different models of cleaner that are suited to different kinds of pools.

We have the right Kreepy Krauly for your pool and our local dealers are located from Laverton to Bayswater, so no matter whereabouts in Melbourne you live there will be a pool shop somewhere close. It really helps to speak with a local pool professional in person and get all their advice on what you need and how best to approach the job of pool cleaning. They will make sure you have everything you need to keep that pool water safe and healthy so you can jump in whenever you feel like it.

With a Kreepy Krauly, this is pretty easy. You just have to set and forget it; this is one cleaner that is happy to work night and day. 

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