Automatic Pool Cleaners Hobart

Even though Hobart, Tasmania is not as hot as the rest of Australia, people still like the convenience of having their own pool.  It can be warmer to swim in a pool than the ocean, where the breeze is always a little cold and the surf can be rough. If you have a pool, it is essential to keep the pool water clean and the best and easiest way to do this is to invest in an automatic pool cleaner like the popular Kreepy Krauly.


VTX-7 Pool Cleaner Hobart



Triple Clean with Vortex Action to keep your pool Kreepy Krauly clean.

The new VTX-7, with Vortex Technology and Scrubbing Silicon Seal, has a triple cleaning action. It sucks, scrubs and skims to thoroughly clean your pool top, bottom and sides. Read more...



Sprinta Plus Pool Cleaners Hobart

Sprinta Plus


Unstickable in any pool

The Sprinta Plus was specifically designed to clean the trickiest of pools with ease. Its flexible hose connector and geared steering system allow it to navigate tight corners and stairs without getting trapped. Read more...



VTX-3 Automatic Pool Cleaner Hobart



Kreepy Krauly clean and compact

With the VTX-3, we’ve taken the same Vortex Cleaning Technology of our top of the range VTX 7 model and condensed it. It has a smaller main body and pipes making it ideal for compact pools. Read more...


It takes time and effort to ensure the pool water is clean enough to swim in safely; you need to check the pH every day and ensure the filter and pump are working correctly.  If the pool is in shade, algae can be a problem, with slime forming on the walls or bottom of the pool. This is where the pool cleaner excels, with its vortex and scrubbing or sweeping action dealing with any invisible slime before the algae can form.

It also can removes calcium build-up, which can also cause problems in a pool.  While you may not even notice calcium deposits forming on the sides and bottom of the pool, it shows up as a milky cloud around the cleaner as it is scrubbed off (on models such as VTX-7 and VTX-3) and filtered out of the water.  This is only likely to show up the first time the cleaner is used. After that, it doesn’t get a chance to build up due to the scrubbing action of the cleaner.

For the best pool water and the least amount of work, invest in an automatic cleaner that can handle unique pool characteristics as well as skimming the surface to get those leaves and debris out before they change the pH of the water.

We have a local dealer network right across Hobart and beyond , so whether you are in Berriedale or Sandy Bay we can help you with a local pool shop close to you. Consulting a local pool professional gives you peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right Kreepy Krauly for your pool. Some work better on 90 degree angles while others are made for curved corners.

Once you inspect all the models available you are sure to be impressed with the quality of our Australian designed and made pool cleaners. And you’ll enjoy knowing that they do all the hard work of keeping your pool clean, so you can have more leisure time.

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