3 Tips on how to look after your pool after a storm

When the sky opens and gumboots come out, it may be worth having a look at your pool.

After a heavy down pour, the excessive amount of water entering your pool can dilute your chemical balance as well as wash nutrients into your pool, which is superfood for algae.

This means you may need to add phosphate removers, flocculants and other chemicals to get your balance back.

Pool Care After A Storm

Here are 3 simple tips to get your pool back in shape:

Tip 1: Check your pool electrical equipment

Extreme amounts of water could damage your pump or chlorinator. Check your equipment for signs of water damage and see if puddles have formed around the equipment, as this may cause a safety issue. Get professional help if you suspect any electrical damage.

Tip 2: Add extra chlorine to the water

Heavy rains can dilute your chlorine level. By adding a small amount of extra chlorine or increase your chlorinator settings may assist in preventing an algal bloom.

Tip 3: Get your water checked by a professional

Your local pool shop will be able to assist in getting your pool water back in ‘Splish Splash’ health. For your nearest pool shop click here: https://www.kreepykrauly.com.au/locator-search/