Our Customer’s Automatic Pool Cleaner Experience

Posted on 11 Sep 2017

We love hearing from our customers! Here is an email we received from a customer, commenting on his journey using different automatic pool cleaners.

Hi Kreepy Krauly People,

I’d like to share my story with you. I used to sell Kreepy Krauly products 16 years ago, and my pool had an old Kreepy Krauly Conquest installed when I moved into this house in February 2000. I replaced it a couple of years later, and kept the new one going with replacement parts for about 10 years until it finally got too old to work properly. By this time, I was working for Bunnings, and I decided to buy one of their Poseidon cleaners, thinking that as it cost ¼ the price of the KK, if it lasted 2 years, it would be cheaper over time. Of course, it didn’t last 2 years, and the hose sections had to be replaced at an alarming rate, at $15 a section. I replaced the whole machine with another Poseidon, which was a newer model, but still it didn’t last 2 years. I bought a genuine Kreepy Krauly hose instead of the rubbish sections, and this lasted for over 5 years through 3 different cleaners. In the meantime, I had 2 Poolrite Triphibian ‘Head Only’ cleaners, which WERE very cheap, but didn’t clean my pool efficiently, and also, of course, didn’t last very long, either, needing the diaphragm replaced at 6 month intervals.

Well, having spent far more than the cost of a genuine Kreepy Krauly over the past 8 years, I have learned my lesson –

my pool was never really clean, and I had to constantly remove leaves and sand that washed into the pool from the garden by hand, as the other cleaners couldn’t handle it.

Within 2 days of dropping the VTX7 into my pool and after emptying lots of skimmer baskets, several cartridge filter cleanings and a total of 10 hours pump running time, my pool was cleaner than it’s been in 8 years. I might actually feel comfortable getting into the water this year, when the weather warms up – it’s looking a lot more inviting than it has for a long time!


Bernie from Duncraig

We thank Bernie from Duncraig, WA for his comments. We pride ourselves on not only being Australian made, but ensuring our cleaners are designed to handle the tough Australia pool conditions and last. So if you want to invest in a healthy pool, why not use our pool cleaner selector to choose the right cleaner for your pool