4 Ways To Keep Your Pool Maintenance Costs Down.

Posted on 16 Dec 2016

A backyard pool is an investment providing endless hours of entertainment for your family and friends. However, the upkeep and costs associated with a pool are less enjoyable. Here are the top ways to reduce pool maintenance costs.

 1. Maintain the right chemical balance.

Many issues originate from an incorrect pH or chlorine level and whilst it could sound like a chemistry lesson there are lots of easy testing equipment available to reduce the hassle of testing your pool’s water quality.

Keeping on top of your pool’s chemical balance will mean you’re aware of any issues before they need an expensive fix. A correct chlorine level will reduce bacteria and algae which could cause costly damage to your pool whilst the right balance will remove grease and oil that could damage your pool cleaner.

2.Think about a pool cover.

A perk of living in Australia is our endless summer days and big backyards. Unfortunately, this means our swimming pools are also open to the elements. A pool cover will help reduce your heating costs by insulating the pool and prevent water evaporation cutting the cost of topping up your pool. And as an added benefit to your Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner, a cover will help stop those large leaves and debris falling into the water decreasing the energy cost of running the cleaning system.

3. Choose the right landscaping

We’ve just talked about the benefits of a pool cover, but you can further reduce the costs of pool maintenance by keeping your garden in top shape. Regularly pruning overhanging branches and sweeping fallen leaves or flowers will help your pool cleaning system make light work of cleaning. By removing the burden of extra leaves, your pool cleaner will run more efficiently on less energy and have a prolonged life.

4. Prevention is Key

It’s more efficient and easy to start out the right way when maintaining your pool. Starting with good practices and investing in a quality Australian pool cleaner will mean you’re far less likely to have to deal with unwanted and costly issues later on down the track.